Having worked with many of the leading churches in America, Doug Turner will help you maximize your Open Doors experience. For a one-time fee of $99, you can draw on the experience Doug brings having helped over 400 churches in a campaign setting. Yes, you can do the campaign without the coaching, but with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Doug will bring insight and direction to the Open Doors experience.

Why Coaching?

Expert advice

Open Doors Coaching will give you weekly conference calls with Doug Turner, author of the Open Doors process, and over 25 years of experience helping churches. John Ortberg asked Doug to create a unique campaign experience for his book, All the Places to Go...How Will You Know?

Clarity and experience to address challenges

  • Bring clarity to campaign goals and processes
  • Provide valuable counsel to unforeseen challenges
  • Innovate throughout the process
  • Enjoy Community and advice from other pastors on the Open Doors journey
  • Simply make Open Doors more enjoyable for everyone involved

Churches and pastors Doug has served

  • Willow Creek Community Church-Bill Hybels
  • Menlo Church-John Ortberg
  • Redeemer Presbyterian Church-Tim Keller
  • Oak Hills Church-Randy Frazee and Max Lucado
  • Mariners Church-Kenton Beshore
  • First Baptist Church Dallas-Robert Jeffress
  • Granger Community Church-Mark Beeson

“When Doug began working with me and our staff, it became very clear to me that God had uniquely gifted him for what he does. Doug is a trust-building guy. He listens. He shoots straight…Doug kept us God focused and not dependent on formulas and schemes. He became part of the Willow family and we became genuinely sad when the campaign ended and it was time for him to move on to help other churches.”

—Bill Hybels