Discover God's open doors for your church

A fully developed approach for mobilizing your church to discover the adventure of a life useful to God

A message from

John Ortberg

A couple years ago I wrote All The Places To Go...How Will You Know? for individuals who don’t want to miss their open door moments from God. Since then I’ve realized this same principal applies to churches. I want to help churches discover and walk through the open door opportunities God has for each congregation.

There is nothing more energizing than being part of a church that together can sense where God is leading them. Our churches can be places where more and more people are engaged and active...and discovering more of God in the process! Help energize and mobilize your church to go to a new place: a place to discover God-sized opportunities in life.

Watch the introductory video for more details about the Open Doors Campaign

What's in the kit:

This kit contains everything you need to launch the Open Doors experience with your congregation. It will help your congregation discover the life for which they were created for individually and as a church body.

  1. All the Places to Go...How Will You Know? (softcover book)
  2. Small group DVD curriculum and participant's guide
  3. Sermon notes and discussion guide
  4. Devotional
  5. Campaign field guide
  6. Training videos
  7. What is God's Will for My Life? (booklet)
  8. Prayer and reminder cards
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